All photos courtesy of  Eliél Freer-Sullivan

All photos courtesy of Eliél Freer-Sullivan


I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department at Emory University. My research broadly explores how societal forces, such as collective memory or investment in masculinity, can be understood through otherwise intimate aspects of everyday life, such as sexual behavior, drag performance, or podcasting.

 My current project examines on the long-term social impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on gay men in the United States, with a specific focus on how how gay men draw upon both collective memory as well as their own lived experience to ascribe meaning to and understand their own sexual behavior and sexual identity. I draw on archival, interview, and Q-methodology in this project. 

Outside of my research interests, I try to spend my time baking, catching up on my favorite magical girl anime, and searching for a new not-so-quiet coffee shop to people watch over my dirty chai latte.