Teaching Experience

One of the first role models I ever had for how to be a compassionate teacher was while watching Sailor Moon.

Each of the characters found ways to engage with their schoolwork despite hardship,
helping one another to achieve scholastically and personally
largely through sharing strategies and skills

Ami Mizuno: "The Girl Genius"

Ami Mizuno: "The Girl Genius"

Teaching Assistant

During my graduate training, I have had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant under faculty at Emory's Sociology Department. In my TA role (2014-2017), I led small-group recitations, wrote and graded course exams, conducted independent lectures, and worked one-on-one with undergraduate students, all while learning how to hone my own teaching skills under the instructor of record.

Courses TA'ed
● Individual and Society
● Sociology of Sex and Gender
● Class, Status and Power
● Social Research I
● Intro to General Sociology

Instructor of Record

As an instructor, I strive to balance guiding and facilitating multi-voiced dialogue around gender and sexuality with ensuring that students leave the class having honed "hard skills." 

While teaching Sociology of Sex and Gender, I find it incredibly useful to structure the course around the tenets of digital storytelling. Digital storytelling pushes students to practice writing and talking about course material from multiple vantage points simultaneously - from their role as an artist, as a storyteller, and as an academic (though these roles are not mutually exclusive!). 

Through digital storytelling, I model for my undergraduate students how to critically evaluate evidence from multiple areas of inquiry and different ways to integrate them into one's scholarship. Doing so provides one concrete model for working to dismantle whiteness via shifting knowledge validation

Usagi Tsukino: The Heart of the Sailor Senshi

Usagi Tsukino: The Heart of the Sailor Senshi

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor in Residence
Office for Undergraduate Education
Emory University

I worked with Emory undergraduate students one-on-one and in small groups on a variety of academic skills, such as studying, course planning, navigating academic institutions, and applying for graduate programs.

In addition to these hard skills, I have served as a sounding board, drawing on my own clinical training, to help students work through otherwise challenging life events. This is not formal therapy, as I am not a licensed clinician. Rather, in my role as an academic advisor, I can be "the adult in the room" (as my students often name it) who sees and hears a student in need.

Sailor Moon is the creative property of Naoko Takeuchi (1991-Present)

Sailor Moon is the creative property of Naoko Takeuchi (1991-Present)